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30 Mar 2021

What is eSIM advantages and disadvantages of using it.

With the development of smart phones and smart devices, the SIM card has not stood still either. We have watched its size decrease every year. Starting with the regular Full-size SIM in 1991 and going through Mini Sim, Micro Sim and Nano Sim, the world finally came up with the eSIM. In this article, we propose to figure out what is the secret of this SIM card, what to use it for, and share valuable life hacks.

So, eSIM is a virtual SIM card. Instead of the usual plastic SIM card, which is inserted into a special connector of a smartphone, this SIM card is already built into the motherboard of a phone, tablet or even a smart watch. In simple words, this is an analogue of a conventional plastic SIM. But not quite ordinary.

A special QR code is used to "sew" the package data of the selected mobile operator. This is only possible if the device and your provider are working with eSIM. Parameter setting usually takes place online.

Like a plastic SIM card, you can copy all information from an eSIM (phone book, etc.) to another device. For example, when switching to another smartphone. To do this, you will have to obtain new QR codes from your operator.

This technology has a number of both advantages and disadvantages. We propose to first consider the positive aspects.

  1. Several numbers. For example, if you need to separate your work and personal numbers. In the phone settings, you can easily select the number you want to use at the moment. It is also possible to purchase different tariff plans for each number.
  2. Protection. The eSIM is located “inside” the device. If it is stolen, attackers will not be able to gain access to important SMS. For example, to SMS from a bank and other official institutions, which contain codes and any other information. Another plus is that thieves will not be able to get it out of the smartphone, which will help track its location.
  3. eSIM can be activated on several devices at once. For example, on a smartphone and tablet. This will keep you connected.

Now it's the turn to talk about the shortcomings. The first and most obvious is that not all smartphones support such a SIM card. You cannot connect this function to any device, as it is installed at the time of manufacture. Also, a very small percentage of telephone operators now use it in their work.

Here is a list of all smartphones that have eSIM technology:
Google Pixel 3, 3 XL, 3a, 4 XL.
iPhone: XR, XS, XS Max, 11 & 11 Pro, 11 Pro Max, SE 2020, 12 (and later).
Huawei P40, P40 Pro.
Samsung Galaxy S20, S20 +, S20 Ultra, Z Flip.

The second disadvantage is the possibility of hacking. Despite the fact that the developers of the technology guarantee security, there is a possibility that the cloud that hosts the eSIM will be hacked.

Yes, not many smartphone manufacturers and mobile operators support this feature. But, perhaps, over time, this will change and eSIM will become commonplace.

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