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09 Jun 2021

Now with UPAYNET you can send recharge to TAJIKISTAN

With UPAYNET, you will forget about long, routine translations. Just a couple of clicks and your loved ones can already feel the warmth of your smile. This Internet service provides profitable and safe mobile recharge of the account of mobile operators "Indigo Tajikistan" (Tcell), "TT-Mobile" (MegaFon Tajikistan), "Babylon Mobile" and "Tacom" (ZetMobile, Beeline). We are happy to provide our services to the country of rocky mountains and flowering valleys.

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01 Jun 2021

Mobile remote services - an alternative to the offline banking system

We all know that the banking sector is a system with extensive experience and history. However, the basis of modern development is the management of payments via the Internet from anywhere in the world to anyone using applications. Today, consumers do not want to waste their time on a long relationship with a bank to pay for their daily expenses, such as mobile communications, Internet or utility bills. Everything around is changing and we live in the era of digital reality.

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26 May 2021

Where did an idea to create Mobile recharge service come from

Hello! My name is Husraw. I am the founder of UPAYNET - Mobile recharge company. Since 2016, our company has been engaged in the implementation of mobile payments.

What is UPAYNET? Our service is a real immigrant's assistant, which allows them send a credits to mobile phone accounts to relatives and friends in their country, for example, in Russia, Ukraine, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kazakhstan and other countries while abroad. Perhaps you ask the question: "Why should we choose UPAYNET?"

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12 May 2021

Interview with a customer support representative

My name is Zafarkhon I was born in Samarkand. I work in Upaynet since 2019 to the present days, I started as a junior customer support team member, now I am a manager of professional custmer support team. I personally speak Russian, Uzbek and Tajik. But here our team can speak in 6 different languages.

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05 May 2021

The advantage of remote contactless payments in the period of the pandemic.

In the past two years, in connection with the spread of the coronavirus pandemic, the number of users of mobile financial services applications has been growing. Advances in technology and mobile commerce can reduce the use of cash. The main efforts of market participants are aimed at creating contactless payments. one of the sources of infection is believed to be the use of cash.

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28 Apr 2021

Now you can send mobile recharge to Afghanistan

We are in a hurry to please everyone whose family and friends live in Afghanistan. The development of business activity also affected the mobile communications of this country. Numerous Afghans abroad have a tendency to be in touch with their loved ones. To solve such problems, use a high-quality, affordable, safe and reliable recharge service UPAYNET.

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21 Apr 2021

Remote payment internet services are an extension opportunities

When we talk about remote payment services, we understand that accessibility is an important factor in their use. This is what plays a decisive role in the modern mobile world. Accessibility for any part of the population means the ability to use the full functionality by absolutely any user, regardless of age, level of mobility and technical literacy. People today are looking for an application that is seamless and "limitless".

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16 Apr 2021

What is mobile recharge?

Mobile recharge services are becoming more popular nowadays. Why is that? It is mostly connected to the fact that many people live and work abroad and staying in touch with their relatives and friends becomes imperative. Even though there are many ways you can stay in touch, for example via various messengers, calling each other is still popular because nothing beats hearing your loved one’s voice. Unfortunately, the situations are not rare when you cannot talk to your friend because he ran out of money on his mobile, and calling internationally is not cheap. This is the case when mobile recharge service comes in handy. With such service, you can top up your friend’s phone almost instantly and keep talking. You can do it on both Android and iOS and it doesn’t matter what type of phone you have. Mobile recharge is easy to do. You just enter the mobile number of your friend, the number of minutes you want to transfer, and pay for it with any type of credit card or PayPal. The money will be transferred within minutes. It is done fast and easy, you can keep talking! Why use Upay mobile recharge service? There are many providers that offer mobile recharge since this service is very popular. Upay is a secure and reliable service that will send your money instantly. The advantages are numerous: - the service is easy to use. When you go to the website it is immediately clear what you need to do; - there are no hidden fees. The fee includes bank charges, tax, and our profit. You pay the fee at the time of transaction and you don’t need to pay anything extra afterward; - your data is secure. We take security measures so your data, especially bank details, are protected

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30 Mar 2021

What is eSIM advantages and disadvantages of using it.

With the development of smart phones and smart devices, the SIM card has not stood still either. We have watched its size decrease every year. Starting with the regular Full-size SIM in 1991 and going through Mini Sim, Micro Sim and Nano Sim, the world finally came up with the eSIM. In this article, we propose to figure out what is the secret of this SIM card, what to use it for, and share valuable life hacks.

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26 Mar 2021

Why is it convenient to pay for utilities in Uzbekistan from abroad?

Paying utility bills is a common and not very pleasant experience. Especially when you think that you need to make time to go to the utility centers or to the bank, stand in line and, perhaps, even ruin your nerves with another scandal, just to make a payment. And now, during a global pandemic, once again being in a large crowd of people is generally a bad idea.

Therefore, many people actively pay for utilities in Uzbekistan from abroad, taking care of their loved ones. If you are not yet one of them, we suggest making sure why this payment option is the most convenient.

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