The advantage of remote contactless payments in the period | UPAYNET
05 May 2021

The advantage of remote contactless payments in the period of the pandemic.

In the past two years, in connection with the spread of the coronavirus pandemic, the number of users of mobile financial services applications has been growing. Advances in technology and mobile commerce can reduce the use of cash. The main efforts of market participants are aimed at creating contactless payments. one of the sources of infection is believed to be the use of cash.
So, for example, the main advantage of using the remote mobile recharge of friends and family mobile phone is the replacement of verification procedure. After all, remote recharge using a mobile application help to avoid personal presence. In the context of the spread of the coronavirus, this becomes relevant, as it becomes possible to use safe and convenient online services. One of the methods of making contactless mobile recharge payments is UPAYNET. The service is completely adapted for fast payments, but at the same time the number of tactile contacts is minimized. No cash, no standing in long lines. Practice shows that fast payments have become very popular and will soon overshadow the more usual way of using finance. UPAYNET ensures reliable interaction between people thanks to official data transmission channels and systems of protection against cyber fraudsters.