Refunds Policy | UPAYNET

Refunds Policy


UPAYNET (Uzrek Payment Systems INC) is not responsible and will not offer any refunds for any loss you may incur, in case of mistyping the recipient’s phone number, choosing incorrect operator or entering incorrect information. That’s why we ask every user two times for the number and amount so you can check it, before you proceed to the payment.Except for some individual cases when the user did not pay consciously twice for the same number and one number did not pass through our system. In all other cases if top up successfully processes your money cannot be refunded.

If the user cancels the payment through his bank for some reason, for example:
  1. incorrect or wrong recipient's number
  2. duplicate payment
  3. fraudulent transaction
  4. payment has not been made
  5. did not receive a letter about a successful transaction
  6. reported stolen card to the bank
  7. mistakenly canceled the transaction
  8. accidentally returned the money
  9. when the user's account is hacked
  10. when the user says, that he lost his device

In such cases, the client will have to pay the amount of the canceled payment and the amount of the fine for withdrawing the dispute 50$ (for each canceled payment)

Except in some cases where a user has paid twice for the same number and one of them has not gone through and hold by our system. In all other cases, if the number is successfully processed, your money cannot be returned.