User agreements and rules for using the website upay.net and the Uzpaynet application in Play Store and App Store

By visiting, browsing or using our website or application, you acknowledge that you have read, understood and agreed to the rules described below. In case of disagreement with the Rules, the use of the website by the User shall be terminated.

The User Agreement may be modified at the discretion of the Administrator at any time without any special notice to the User. The new version of the User Agreement, changes and additions to it come into force from the moment of their posting on the Site, unless the Administrator explicitly specifies otherwise. Regular familiarization with the current edition of the User Agreement is the responsibility of the User. Use of the Site after the entry into force of the new version of the User Agreement, additions and amendments thereto means the User's consent with all such changes or additions.

Terms used in this user agreement

The administrator is the manager, the official representative and the database maintenance specialist who works for the institution.

User - have all the necessary powers to enter into this User Agreement an individual.

Site - Internet site, located on the Internet and available at https://upay.net (and also on all domains of the following levels relating to this address).

Credentials - unique login (e-mail address) and password created during the User's registration on the Site, used to access the User in the Personal Area by means of the Authorization SMS.

Services - capabilities (tools, algorithms, methods) provided by the Administrator on the Site and allowing the User to purchase on our site.

Authorization - identification of the User by entering into the appropriate fields on the Site of the Account.

Personal account - personal page of the User, formed after the Registration, access to which is provided to the User as a result of Authorization.


In order to use our services and have access to other features of the site, you need to register. It is forbidden to enter false data during registration. You cannot register more than one account. You cannot place the same in the sense of the ads through different accounts. Registration of persons under 15 years of age is prohibited. Otherwise, accounts will be deleted.

User agrees to receive Authorization SMS messages (one time passcodes, phone verification tokens, password reset tokens) to their phone number associated with their personal account

A responsibility

The administration of the site is not responsible for incorrectly sent numbers by the User resulting from the use of the Site, for lack of use of the site, for damages, losses or expenses incurred in connection with this website, its use or inability to use it.

The user is responsible for the content and reliability of his information.

Dollar rate and site commission

The rate of the dollar on our site is set by the site administrator on the approximate to the state. the course of Uzbekistan. And you can see the course on the site in the upper right corner, and in the application, open the menu. If you do not agree with the course of our site, just close the site (application) and stop using our service.

The commission on our website is charged when dialing the number and the amount in the appropriate fields, the commission includes the tax on the service, the bank commission and our profit.


UPAYNET (Uzrek Payment Systems INC) is not responsible and will not offer any refunds for any loss you may incur, in case of mistyping the recipient’s phone number, choosing incorrect operator or entering incorrect information. That’s why we ask every user two times for the number and amount so you can check it, before you proceed to the payment.Except for some individual cases when the user did not pay consciously twice for the same number and one number did not pass through our system. In all other cases if top up successfully processes your money cannot be refunded.

If the user cancels the payment through his bank for some reason, for example:
  1. incorrect or wrong recipient's number
  2. duplicate payment
  3. fraudulent transaction
  4. payment has not been made
  5. did not receive a letter about a successful transaction
  6. reported stolen card to the bank
  7. mistakenly canceled the transaction
  8. accidentally returned the money
  9. when the user's account is hacked
  10. when the user says, that he lost his device

In such cases, the client will have to pay the amount of the canceled payment and the amount of the fine for withdrawing the dispute 50$ (for each canceled payment)

Except in some cases where a user has paid twice for the same number and one of them has not gone through and hold by our system. In all other cases, if the number is successfully processed, your money cannot be returned.

Account deleting

The site administration reserves the right to edit or delete the account without explaining the reason, if it does not comply with our rules, or it turns out that the account was created by the attackers also if incorrect or incorrect data is entered.

If the User wants to delete his account, he or she should write to us on the email about this by indicating at the same time his email address.